Dispenser Beverage Backpack for cold and hot beverage

Good for earn more maney Trade more beverage in short time Promoting backpack beverage dispenser hot and cold beverage is a best solvation You would have answered yes to the questions that determined you had the most effective nature to prosper at selling beverage beer coffee Drinks.

A Look Back In the event you have thoughts about selling beverage beer coffee drinks rocketpacks 19 liter backpack drink dispensing system, be informed you definitely have a tough road ahead. If it were painless, everyone would accomplish it. 



We are group of dispenser beverage backpack  ompanies engaged in retailing of fruit juices in india. We are very much in interested in your range of beverage pack.Pls let us know how we can work on this for mutual benefit.Our head office is in malaysia and we have one branch in india. Pls let us have the full detail as soon as possible and our contact particulars are  as follows:

 I just came from Dubai where I have offered the beverage cups of our French Company  beverage backpack with yours. They have been very interested in the Backpack Systems.

I would like to ask you a question about my last letters. Moreover we will have some orders of the Rocket Packs from Ukrainian Companies. At the moment they need 2 rucksacks without the content, I mean reservoir, etc. Could you please write backpack beverage dispenser to me the price for 2 pieces beverage backpack?

my name is , im the company Director of  (coffee shop with several stores all over UK).

im very interested on your product, we are looking for this sort of drinks dispenser so we can do free advertising and still make a Profit?

i would like to purchase one of your backpack that will enabel me to serve backpack beverage dispenser hot coffee, tea and cold milk.

if you could please tell me how much it would cost i would be verry much preciated.

we will put our wone advertizing, just tell me a price for the backpack including postage for the UK.

Ok, I will get the necessary details the dispenser beverage backpack as soon as possible and email you.

Tell me one thing - how the cooling backpack beverage dispenser system works? How long does beer stay cold in such Rucksack? Let's say it is hot summer and people do sampling on the streets. How can they be sure they have cold beer, and for how long?

Sorry if the question sounds silly but I have to be sure that I can use your product in a way I have planned.

Thank you for your prompt action.

We have ordered things you have mentioned and also a tank of price of 69 EUR.

I suppose that this part is needed ( you have not mentioned it in your E-mail )

The delivery place is Zagreb, so pls. could you give me a price based on DDU terms Zagreb, Croatia.

We need these 4 Rocket packs backpack beverage dispenser as earliest, so what is the earliest delivery time to Croatia?

I would appreciate if you could provide us this information by Monday morning .

I am looking for a supplier of beer rucksacks for my company that I may use as a promotion tool. Particulary I am interested in a drink dispenser that would consist of a KEG with flach fitting RS AS QF 2'' x 14 tpi and a minimum height of 33cm.

If you have such KEG in your offer, please specify me how much would a complete beverage backpack beer dispenser cost? (I mean all the equimpent that allows a beersampling.) Please give me a cost estimation for 10 such beverage backpack Rucksacks

Hello. I have much interest in your products and I was wondering if you could please send a price list and any necessary details of your backpack drink dispensers. Preferably for coffee and other hot drink dispensers. I would be very grateful.

I am planning to buy 25 backpacks to use for sampling in stores in Denmark.

To start with I would like to order one backpack beverage dispenser (see below), just to see whether it fits or not.

And then I would like to have an offer for 25 dispenser beverage backpack  delivered at our address in Denmark.

THanks for your response. unfortunately, it looks like we will not be able to get beer towers from you because of a higher price.

However, we would still be able to purchase the rocket packs. I will let you know the final quantity backpack beverage dispenser and will send you the payment once we receive a pro-forma invoice from you. I should be able to determine the quantity beverage backpack tomorrow.

We have found Your internetpages . . .

We are interrested about your products specially the ´beertowers´.

Can you produce trademark to beverage backpack beertowers like this foto is?

We are interrested to market beertowers in Finland and Sweden backpack beverage dispenser with Scandinavian Brewers and Bar´s wich sell Scandinavian beers.

Thank you for your swift and informative reply, the information is very extensive and I will act on it quickly.  

Just one more question about the bottle advertising kit stuck onto the backpack, how much does that cost backpack beverage dispenser or is it custom made? Does it come as a can as well?

Can I order one pack, I would like the blue star as the logo. The pack can carry 30 bottles, how long will it keep them cold  opening and closing the chamber ?

I want the unit for use Thursday night.

I am interested in both the pressurised system for beer dispense, and also if you do an unpressurised system for cocktails or shooters. If you can e-mail me back directly, I can raise an order today.

We are a promotionals product business that is now entering on the P.O.P. side upon request of one of our main clients,

we need to know if . Do you have a company that represents you in the USA, or if we can deal directly with you

 If we can deal and negotiate beverage backpack directly with you we need quoted for the following products:


I still don´t have the final quantity so if you can send me the pricing Differentiation backpack beverage dispenser it would be greatly appreciated.

I am interested in 125 up to 250 units of backpack beverage dispenser each dispenser beverage backpack  of the products I listed in my previous email, I would appreciate you giving me Price, production time as well as shipping costs to SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA





Please take in to account that all the products need to be printed in full Color.