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beverage backpack About Selling Beverage backpack Beer Coffee Drinks Rocketpacks 19 Liter Backpack Drink Dispensing System Selling beverage beer coffee drinks  system is an event unlike anyother, and you need backpack beverage dispenser to plan correspondingly. You cannot treat it like any other thing you could have pursued in the past.



  Our firm backpack beverage dispenser , works, since 1942 in the market of production, import and wholesales distribution of wine in Milan countryside area, and, since 20 years

also in the market of beers (actually we import from your area " products").

 As we're looking for some "selling support products" to give the chance to our customer to improve draft beer sales, we are knowing about your firm

and your products trough web and, in particular, we find interesting your biertower, zapfturm and schankball, so we're asking if you'll be able to send us

a full catalogue of your products, as the best quotation beverage backpack  and conditions for the minimum beverage backpack  quantities you need.

I'm actually from an event company from Singapore.I am interested in your beverage backpack product (the picture as attached).
It will be good if you can provide me with more details of the product backpack beverage dispenser .

1.    Do you have any distributor in Asia that I can liaise with?

2.    What is the product name and/or model no?

3.    What is the dimension of the product and approximately how heavy is it when filled with water?

4.    I need 20 pieces of the beverage backpack  bag, is it possible to rent?

5.    And if it is only available for sale, what would the price be like?

6.    How long will it take for you to deliver backpack beverage dispenser   it to us (manufacture product and delivery time)?

7.    Does it come in a standard colour and design, or can it be custom-made?

We are really interested in purchasing the below mention beverage backpack  product.

However, we need to understand the functions backpack beverage dispenser  and the feasibility of using it in our event before ordering in bulk.

Kindly send us the quotation and purchase our purchase order asap.

We are starting up a chain of catering business around the Dublin area and we are currently looking for a 100 beverage dispensers and we are wondering if you company has got the product to fit the specification that we are looking for.

Here is a rough beverage backpack  specification.

1. Its must be at lease a 16litre tank

2. Its must be able to keep the beverages hot for a period of three hours (it will be used for making teas and coffees) 3. The tank must be able to be removed from the backpack and a replacement tank re-attached with relative ease.

4. If the tank could be put on a trolley with wheels as an option it would be of great benefit. (Something like a golf club trolley)

I see from your website that you have a 19 litre beverage backpack dispenser. Can you please provide me with more details of this unit i.e. what is its rate of temperature loss, how much does it weight when full? Etc. I you could please contact me via email as soon as possible as our investors are anxious to get a sample model shipped over to us here in Dublin for testing.

as per our phone call This is from ads advertising agency ..our company is one of the leading advertizing agencies in Egypt. and down below are the questions we like to ask

1- how much it will cost including shipment to cairo egypt for one 11 liter dispencer?(as a sample)

2- what kind of accessories comes with the cup holder etc...?

3- what are the dimentions of the 11 liter dispenser?

4- how much it will cost to order 25 pieces of beverage backpack ?

5- how can it be refilled?

6- do you give your products to any companies in egypt or the middle east?

 finnaly we thank you for your cooperation and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.

I write to confirm the order we discussed on the telephone this morning.  Please supply, 1 x 11.4 lit backpack complete, 2 x spare tanks, one for eack backpack,  2 vendor trays.   The colour of the items is black. 

I own a distribution company in the US and would like to discuss the feasibility of backpack beverage dispenser  offering you pack to our customers.  Can you let me know if you have a US distributor beverage backpack  and if you have a catalogue of your products available?

Thanks for your email. Im looking for a very simple mobile drink dispenser like the Drink Pack Duo design. Instead of using the Drink Pack Duo design, I am looking for the below items and maybe custom make them:

   (1) Backpack for both cold and hot drinks

   (2) Insulated backpack cover

   (3) 9, 10 or 11 liter stainless steel tank PE - gravity   fed

   (4) Single dispensing hose/gun gravity fed

   (5) cup dispenser for cup sizes 200 - 250ml.

   (6) sign wrap backpack beverage dispenser .

    I am just wanting to dispense coffee beverage backpack  (both hot and cold). By the way, whts the advantage of the Rocketpack versus the gravity feed pack. According to our applications, do you think that the gravity feed pack is enough for what we want. Since I am looking for a long term business relationship, I hope that you can cater for our needs.

we have bought Junior Pack maybe 2 or 3 years ago. And now we have a problem.

The tank doesn´t keep the pressure very well. We have this 5 liter tank beverage backpack  and we need backpack beverage dispenser  to keep the pump with us all the time because the pressure is not enough to get the tank empty.

And now we have also another problem, too. When there is pressure in the tank, the dispensig gun beverage backpack still work very poor. Coffee doesn´t flow like it did earlier.

We have cleaned it up like we were told.

Is it possible to send it (the tank and dispensing gun) to you or can you tell us what to do with it?

We also like to buy a new 5 liter Junior Pack backpack beverage dispenser  . Is it same than this Beverage Pack you have in your website?

It was also available in colour red, is that correct? We need to pay it in this week so please answer soon to this message



Were are looking for a drink dispenser that can be used in sampling activities activities by our female promoters. I your site I saw come dispensers that I find appropriate for us. Still I have some questions:

i) Is the 11,5 liter Backpack Dispenser to heavy for female promoters?

ii) Are your dispensers custom made or standard?

iii) If they are standard, do you have any ready for delivery? If not, how long would it take?

iv) Do you imprint branding (if so, is it included in the price) or do we have to do that ourselves?

I hope you are well.
As I told you a month ago (and thanks for your encouraging reply), I changed my job, but I'm still in the special events / promotions business.

Sorry for the short notice, but I'd need an offer from you on Monday 09 of May for the following:
Product: 11.5 Liter drink dispensers + manual pumps
Quantity: 20 PCs.
Please specify also the delivery time and shipment cost to Bucharest Romania.

We want use them for IceCoffee.

Please also copy to your reply my colleague .
Thank you and sorry again for the short notice, but we were asked for this quotation yesterday night.

Our Company is importing to Finland equipment for the bars. We are now interested to hear if there is possibilities to make an testmarketing of your beertowers.

Therefore we would like to get some information about the towers and as well about the prices and sales conditions.

This is , a beverage company from Hong Kong.

We will run beverage sampling in June and the product is water, chilled & non-carbonated and I am interested in your products.

Item interested : Drink Backpack Fun AND Rocket Tower

1) May I know how much liquid can be contained in the 2 products?

2) How long can the beverage be keep cool inside the backpack? (we need the sample keep COOL for tasters.

3) How much is the price ? Can you arrange transportation to Hong Kong?

4) How heavy (weight) is it? (full load with beverage)

5) We will advertise the sampling beverage, so the product shot needed be featured on the backpack, can you do the production for us?

Of course, I will send you the product shot in jpg or AI file.(or base on your requirement)

6) For the Rocket Tower, can it offer 2 different beverage? we have 2 favors to sample. Can you make the tower shape like 2 bottles shape?

7) Order Lead time.







My son recently went to a baseball game at the Tokyo Dome and was fascinated by the beer "backpacks" So when he showed me a picture from his trip, I too was intrigued!

So I went to the internet and your company came up. Please tell me how I can order custom logo backpacks for use in the USA. I've never seen them here at our ballparks or concerts and I want to be your distributor for the market here.

and as you know, I am the representative of  We request of your information of distributorship again.

We hope that our company handle the goods (Backpack drink dispenser).

We want to know not only the price but also information about distrbutor in Korea.

Of couse, we think that we can buy/order and handle your products in Korea but as you know, we believe that the very important thing is

the exclucive right what we handle your products in Korea. So we want to know how do you think about this matter

and we expect that you can give us some advice about that.

We sincerely look forward to the pleasure of working with you .

and we hope to share with you more detail matters. 

Your prompt attention to this matter of beverage backpack   would be highly appreciated



beveragebackpack These results all beverage backpack result from the preparation phase. If you invest in distributing with backpack beverage dispenser coffe cola beer beverage with rocketpacks backpack beverage dispensing system, then you will find that it's certainly easier than you may expect.



Please advise if we can receive more information about your full products range, specifications re bottle size,can size etc.

We previously sold Rocketman ex USA but they are pretty expensive.

Keen to learn which of your products might be used for confectionery sales within a stadium Environment.

In order to precise, the exact product I’m looking for is a backpack dispenser that can serve hot drinks (coffee and water for tea).

I’ve checked your website, and I’ve only found two models (11.5 liter and 19 liter) but their showed for cold drinks, are these also available for hot drinks (coffee or water for tea)  ?

We have found your company on the web.

We are looking for backpack drinking dispensers.  We have query from a customer who is looking for backpack drinkdispenser .

We would much appreciate if you could offer. Different kind and sizes. They are asking for max 10 pcs. Please quote C&F Gothenburg , (Sweden)  if possible!

Maybe in the future it can be more since we are selling vaccuum jugs/dispensers   to almost  all the coffee companies in Sweden.

We are looking forward to hear from you and thanking you in advance!

Work in a soft drink company in Mexico and I´m interested in your line of products. I would like to know the different types of rocket packs you have available and the prices.

this is hamid from company from iran .we want to order some of your product for  (ENERGY DRINK) for sampling in iran .

we want to know your suggestion that what sort of your product is usefull for our energy drink.i will be appreciate that if you let us that how we can buy from you because from iran we can not buy with credit card.although we can send your bill to your bank account .

I am waiting for your reply ASAP.

thank you for your reply .we decided to order 2 pieces of  ,for start please tell us how much should we pay? and can you send us by DHL ? and also can we pay by your bank account ?

i will be appriciate if i know a price for can pack and i want to know that can we use for energy drink because this can is a littel smaller than coca can .

We are glad to inform you that on the 23th of May our book-keeper  payed the sum pointed in the invoice EE 18/05/200 .

I've been thinking that it would be easier and might be less expensive to ship the goods by express courrier.

 Becuase it would be a shipment that would weight less than 20 kg, and cargo airlines would charge me the minimun rate (shipment less than 45 kg), that would make it more expensive in comparison to the Express Courrier.

 Becuase of these, I wuold like to know if you could send the goods (pre-paid)? I'll pay the shipping in advanced at the same time I'll make the advanced payment of the backpacks.

Could you check with your express courrier company, to see how much would it cost the shipment CIF or CFR Mexico city ?

I need 2 quotations because I haven't decided yet which backpack I would like to buy:

                1 Rocketpack 11 Lt and 1 RocketPack 19 Lt.

                2 Rocketpack 19 Lt.

Finally I would like to know if you could send me, some photos of the Rocketpack disasembled, so I could see how is composed.

Also I would like to ask you for some photos where it can be seen how you conect the hose to tank, because I've heard that after using the Backpack some months, you have problems with the conection.

Please confirm the money receipt and let us know via e-mail when and where we can pick up the goods.

writing from the charity  and we are interested in buying a drinks dispenser for our work at festivals.

Can please give me a cost on the following dispensers please?

I would also be interested to know if we can brand them and how long delivery time will be.

If we order two unit 1) 11.5 liter and 19 liter How many times do we have to wait for receiving here

and we ask you let us know the how you can keep the coolness inside if we use it for our cold liquid products.

Have been looking at your website and am interested in your below product.

Please can you let me know if you can send these to Cyprus with details of how much it will cost.

We want to know if you have any representation in Brazil.

Because we´re interested in the "Drink Rucksack" to cold drink(beer).

We want to know how it works, the price, what we have to do to buy it.

thank you for your e-mail. I attached items of our trial lot. We need only costs of freight from Frankfurt am Main to Dubai.

As regarding to the contract, I understand and know about it. But, if the arabic company buy 100 units, it is possible to receive this exclusivity. They are going to sign the contract with  for a good sum, that's why they will be considered as exclusive agent in UAE. The same question has been asked to you.

As for my marketing there is no Rocket Packs backpack systems in Dubai. The markhet needs these products because of well developed restaurant and hotel's network, beach, gas stations, stadiums, etc. Moreover, near to Dubai Iran and Iraq. Using our cups with Rocket packs it will be profitable business for the local business men.

Any way, I will be waiting for your answer and after will inform my partner.

Regarding to 10% discussed before and confirmed by you, ok-Beer Towers. Have you got any agent contract we will sign between your company and me? Can we do that before first trial lot?

Thank you so much for your quick response. We are very interested in purchasing two of the 3 Gallon rocket packs.

As briefly mentioned in my previous email, I work for a charity and we plan to use the jetpacks at events in the UK to raise awareness of our cause. We are one of the three official charities supported by the Glastonbury Festival and a water rocket pack.

The charity I work for is , an international charity set up to help the world’s poorest people in Africa and Asia to access clean water. Please see our Website for more information.

We want to order 2 rocket packs and a handpump. This is ok for dispensing water?

Please can you also let me know the delivery cost.  is based in London, the address is .

Please would you be willing to consider offer us the jetpacks at a discounted rate? The more money we can save the more can be used to help the world’s poorest people.

It costs just € 21 to give one person water for life, as you can imagine every little saved really makes a huge difference.

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I am writing in regards to your freight prices. I need to know if the freight price changes when we order more beer towers, or if it is one set price per order as we are working out a pricing structure for your products.

Can you please send all information on this matter including any price changes for weight, packaging, size etc. I look forward to your email.

Would it be possible to mark up zs7001, beer tower professional with pint marks? Would we be able to fit 8 pints in it? They would need to be brittish government stamped, do you know anythin about this?

We would probably initially be lookin for 10 units. The exact delivery address would be .

was referenced to your from the Restaurant Depot in Chicago. I was interested in ordering the vendor belly packs with out insulation, or holes in them for the beer cups.

I just need something more of a hallow box that has a strap that wraps around a person, like ht old fashioned ones at the baseball games.

I am aware that they are available in multiple colors - we are looking for orange. Can you please e-mail me some pictures of these trays and also inform me of some pricing.

We would need these trays to be delivered by June 15th - Is that a possibility